Childcare - Orientation Package

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Orientation Package for Prospective Child Care Operators

June 2008

Child Care in Ontario Child Care Licensing in Ontario Role of the Operator The Director under the Day Nurseries Act Role of Program Advisors The Application Process Planning and Design Guidelines for Child Care Centres Obtaining a Licence Health Canada – Product Safety Program Duration of Licensing Process Types of Licences Child Care Licensing Website Child Care Service System Managers

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Summary of Licensing Requirements for Day Nurseries
Organization and Management Staff Qualifications Health Assessments and Immunization Number and Group Size Criminal
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A person may provide informal child care to five children or less under the age of 10 years who are not of common parentage (children who have different parents), in addition to his/her own children, without a licence. This number may not be exceeded, regardless of the number of adults present or on site. When a person provides in-home child care at more than one location or co-ordinates the provision of care at more than one site, a licence to operate a private-home day care agency is required. It is an offence to establish, operate or maintain a day nursery or private-home day care agency without a licence. On conviction, the fine is up to $2,000 for each day the offence continues, or imprisonment for a term of not more than one year, or both. Ministry staff have the responsibility to follow-up on all complaints about child care being provided without a licence.

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services is responsible for the Day Nurseries Act and issues licences to operators of child care programs. There are two types of licensed child care programs: day nurseries and private-home day care agencies. In the Day Nurseries Act and in this package, child care centres are referred to as day nurseries. Day nurseries may include nursery schools, full day care, extended day care, and before and after school programs.

Private-home day care
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