Childhood Dyslexia Book Report

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Childhood Dyslexia Latalvin Bullock Liberty University The book “Can’t Read, Can’t Write, Can’t Talk Too Good Either: How To Recognize And Overcome Dyslexia In Your Child,” discusses the difficulties a child faces when they have dyslexia. The book is broken down into three parts. In particular the book focuses on the difficulties of a child named Mike and his struggle with dyslexia from childhood to adulthood. Mike agreed to have some of the most difficult parts of his life told in hopes that it will help others in their struggle with dyslexia. The book then goes on to give insight on how parents deal with a child that has dyslexia and also gives information on how recognize the signs of dyslexia in children. The book is …show more content…

In an article on dyslexia, Shaywitz (n.d.) states that the specific signs of dyslexia, both weaknesses and strengths, in any one individual will vary according to the age and educational level of that person. The five year old who can’t quite learn his letters becomes the six year old who can’t match sounds to letters and the fourteen year old who dreads reading out loud and the twenty-four year old who reads excruciatingly slowly. The threads persist throughout a person’s life (Shaywitz, n.d.). Unlike the difficulties that Mike went through in the book before being diagnosed, there ways to recognize and diagnose dyslexia at an early age. Dyslexia is usually diagnosed during elementary school. In some cases, it doesn’t become apparent until a child is older and is expected to read and comprehend longer and more complex material (Diagnosing Dyslexia, 1995). People who are trained in learning disorders can diagnose someone with dyslexia through a series of evaluations. Today parents also can look for signs of dyslexia at an early age. According to these are some signs to look for in preschool and elementary school kids with dyslexia include

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