Childhood Obesity And Diabetes : Is The Only Viable Option For Our Offspring? Essay

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Formula Fosters Sickness
Childhood obesity and diabetes have been on the rise in our country in recent decades, and yet we hardly acknowledge the optimal path for preventing it. “Breast is best,” is a saying we have been exposed to regularly, but do we consider the depth of meaning behind it? It could be taken simply to mean the best choice is to breastfeed, but the truth is, breastfeeding is more than the superior option. It is in reality a biological necessity, and should be the only viable option for our offspring. Formula feeding is acknowledged to raise the risk of many diseases, and even raise the incidence of infant death due to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Therefore formula should be reserved only for extreme circumstances. If it can be accomplished, breastfeeding is the most crucial measure that can be completed to assure both physical and mental health for mother and baby, since it strengthens the bond between a mother and child, and provides much more than the basic nutrition found in formula. We must look at what goes wrong in the process of breastfeeding that causes so many babies to instead be fed nonhuman milk. Formula was created to be a tool for orphans and other babies with no possibility of receiving mother’s milk, but somehow it became the more common method of feeding, and this needs to be closely examined and remedied.
It is often boasted that breastfeeding lowers risk of diseases, but that is an inaccurate claim. Since breastfeeding is the

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