Children And Young People 's Development Essay

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(D1) (Accessed on 22/09/16) This article explains that “A Childs development refers to how a child becomes able to do more complex things as they get older. It is also the process in which a child or young person grows or changes and becomes more advanced in certain personal areas.” Within this essay I am going to examine and explore in relation to children and young people’s development, the environmental Factors and the developing milestones of a child or young person, which will be my two main issues. When studying children and young people’s development there are four main aspects that I will be looking at throughout my two main issues, these will include physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Environmental factors can impact a child or young person’s development in many different ways. For example if there is poverty this can be very affective to a Child or young person’s development as it can lead to affecting their education and health which can then have a big impact on their development. Developing milestones are important with a child or young person’s development as it helps work out where a child should be and it can also give us an indication on where a child or young person should be with their development by comparing them with age and stages. (D2) In my setting we try our best to promote the development in the children and young people throughout their day at school/nursery. When
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