Child's Play

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Child's Play is an odd film when you think about it. Who exactly was it made for? It certainly couldn't have been made for kids, due to the vulgar language from Chucky, so unless you are sneaking a peek at the film or if you are like me and were allowed to watch them at a young age, the film must be for adults. Right? I don't know, cause doesn't you think most people wouldn't have given the film a chance when they heard the plot? A story about a child's doll coming to life and killing people? Most people would roll their eyes and scoff at the idea of seeing it.

However, that's today and not 1988 when the film came out. People must have been more forgiving back then and thank god for that or else this film may not have received the appreciation
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Serial Killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) is on the doorsteps of death thanks to a gunshot from Detective XXX (Chris SarandonX, Fright Night). Thankfully for Charles, he knows a little bit of voodoo magic and transfers his body into a Good Guy doll. Said Good Guy doll hands up in the hands of six-year-old Andy as his birthday…show more content…
If you happened to be one of those kids that sneaked a peek and ended up being terrified of your favourite doll,

If you happened to be one of those horror fans that made the movie a success or one of those kids that sneaked a peek and ended up being terrified of your favourite doll, Scream Factory has the Blu-ray that this film rightly deserves. The video/audio is definitely wonderful. Grain is left intact, but never overabundant and the audio's 5.1 selection uses your surround sound properly. This is a great looking Blu.

As for features, we have some new and some old. The new lands on a feature commentary with Tom Holland, an hour of behind the scenes, a 40-minute interview with Howard Berger and another 40 minutes with Ed Gale. Everything else you will find on the disc has been included with other releases before. However, that is a minus as having everything on two discs allows you to dump your old releases and keep this one. Smart thinking Scream
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