China And The Siberian Tiger

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China is located between Eurasia and the Pacific Ocean. With China, being located between these two areas there is a tug of war that takes place between the air masses of these areas. The Siberia creates a dry cold air that flows in the northern region of the country with tropical air from Pacific flows through the south, which brings moist air. During spring and summer the monsoons season comes in. With China having such a diverse climate and terrain, China has a wide range of an ecosystem. They have an amazing variety of animals and plants. Many of these animal and plants are rare and exceptional. Although with the human population growth, increase agriculture, industrial, and urban development the landscape has changed a lot. …show more content…

This caused a century of self-examination between the educated and the acceptance of the different government system. The Chinese government tried to create a strong society but end return it has led to the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. This revolution relied on mass deployment to destroy anything identified as out-of-date and to hunt out those whose attitudes and backgrounds deemed a hindrance to the creation of the new society. Many Chinese who mobilized in their adolescence as Red Guards have expressed their guilt and disgrace at having followed Mao Zedong’s words “to rebel is justified”. The founding of People’s Republic of China in 1949, were predominantly ruthless in order to demonstrate their revolutionary commitment and dedication to the Chairman Mao. Officially, the People’s Republic of China recognizes 56 ethnic groups. The efforts to categorize ethnic minorities began after 1949. More than 400 separate groups identified on the foundation of different language, culture, and heritage. Since there is 1.1 billion people, Han Chinese establish the dominant majority, accounting for 92% of China’s population. Ethnic minorities remained excused from the state’s one child per family policy, although running muck with local authorities can have an outcome of loss of this privilege.

The official language is Mandarin and spoken by the People’s Republic of China and

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