China 's Higher Education System

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Research Methodology
The study takes a comparative study approach. This approach is defined as putting two or more education systems side by side in order to determine their socio-economic, cultural, political, ideology in a context (Brickman and Fraser, 1968). This paper takes a view of China’s higher education systems in order to find out the strengths higher education for policy formation in South Sudan because currently there is no evidence of one. The emphasis here is that in examining the policy strengths it is hoped that South Sudan would take a leaf from China’s experience in order to improve her higher education policy and practices particularly in areas such as accessibility, academic relevance, quality and staff capacity …show more content…

According to Campbell (1975) replicating the case through pattern-matching, a technique linking several pieces of information from the same case to some theoretical propositions, for instance, multiple-case design enhances and supports the previous results. This ensures confidence of the strength of the method. This method then can prove that it is appropriate to the research questions and that a chain of evidence, either quantitively, though it is not case with our study here or qualitatively, are systematically recorded through direct observations by the researcher and therefore, form as the basis for the main sources of data. The inclusion of both quantitative and qualitative data in case study, helps in explaining both the process ad outcome of a given phenomenon through complete observation, reconstruction and analysis of the cases under investigation because it links theoretical framework (Tellis, 1997).
In our selection of the articles, consideration was limited to 2005 – 2016, but articles published before that would be considered for historical reference as their relevance is deemed necessary for this study. We considered peer review journals on higher education from academia and government sources. The assumption is that they have achieved higher level of quality standards since they form as the sources of scholarly evidence (Hancock & Algozzine, 2015).
This study

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