The Roots of Student Unrest in African Universities

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CHAPTER ONE: 1.1. Introduction The current search for excellence in higher education in Nigeria has concentrated primarily on institutional issues such as input resources, rapid expansion of higher education, managerial and allocative efficiency, programme relevance, and output mix in terms of students’ employability, research, and service. lndeed, overwhelming evidence suggests that there has been a dramatic decline in the quality of higher education and in die general performance of institutions of higher-learning in the last decade. Solutions being articulated include improvement in funding, management, revamping of die curriculum and retention of quality teaching staff. However, the broader issues of the social context of higher…show more content…
A first year female student, Onyinye Ngwu of the Department of Nursing Sciences, who participated in the protest march, was shot on the leg by the police and was rushed to the university’s medical centre, while others who reportedly sustained injuries in the incident were taken to Bishop Shanahan Hospital for treatment. No fewer than 20 students were arrested during the protest. Sources sad a delegation of the Students’ Union Government (SUG) from Enugu campus of the university had arrived Nsukka campus on Friday to dialogue with the vice chancellor and the management on various vexing issues including what they described as the recent “astronomical increase in school fees” but the VC was said to have shunned the students. The Vice chancellor, who was in the office when the students’ leaders arrived, reportedly told them that he had no time for the parley after they had waited for several hours, a development that provoked the students into staging a minor procession from the SUG office to the Freedom Square to express their anger over the alleged “high-handedness of the vice chancellor”. The students later dispersed with a threat to take their destiny in their own hands and to make good their threat to resist the new fees. Led by the SUG president, Mr Peter Andy, the students mobilized thousands of their colleagues as early as 6 a.m. yesterday, starting from the Zik’s Flats which
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