China 's Libraries : The Influence Of A Large Population

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China’s Libraries: The Influence of a Large Population
Constance M. Caddell
North Carolina Central University

Author Note
Constance M. Caddell, School of Library and Information Sciences, North Carolina Central University.
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Constance Caddell, North Carolina Central University, 1800 Fayetteville Street, Box 19530, Durham, NC 27707. Email: Abstract
This paper will explore the ever-evolving library system in China while taking into consideration the influence its large population has on the libraries. China is famously known for its large population and its rich culture. This country highly values education and knowledge, which makes them the …show more content…

Finally, it will end with the opportunities and challenges that are facing China’s libraries. Through this paper, we will gain a general understanding of China’s growing library system as they take steps to secure its advancement in society. China’s Libraries: The Influence of a Large Population China, a country with such a rich history, has long been identified by its significantly large population. When one thinks of China some of the first images that come to mind are the unique architecture, the traditional dress, splendid dynasties, internationally acclaimed philosophies, and high educational standards. It was noted by Wasserstrom (2013) that the most emphasized moralities from the Analects are education, ritual, and hierarchal relationships. These three important factors are such values that, to this day, they have a significant influence on Chinese culture. In addition to its rich culture and values, this country has the honor of holding the largest population in the world. The current population of this country is 1,370,940,000. Their population was growing at such a significant rate that following the year 1979, the country put in place the “One-Child Family” policy. The general purpose of this policy is to limit the size of the Chinese family. It should be noted that though its title states one child, in some cases families are allowed to have a second child. “We now live in an era

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