What Are The Arguments Against China's One Child Policy

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I am writing about China’s One Child Policy. This is something that I am against. I do not think you should limit a family to one child. There are many problems with this policy that I do not think were thought about when the policy was created. I have not found many good things about this policy. The only positive thing I have found about this policy is that it creates many chances for adoption. But most of these children who are up for adoption do not get adopted. So I do not support China’s one-child policy.
One reason I am against China’s one-child policy is because I wonder what they originally planned to do with the children that the parents did not want. With the one-child policy, parents who have a child who is special needs or a …show more content…

For the parents, as they age, the child is the one who will take care of them and be their security in their old age. The child is also the one who ensures their parents are not alone or unsafe. If the child has passed away, there is no one to take care of the aging parents. So the loss of the child is very devastating for these families (Xiao-Tain Feng, 2014, p. 26).
China’s one-child policy was created to decrease China’s population. But it has also created a generation of spoiled children. Since the parents only have one child, they can focus more resources on that one child. If they were to have two or three children, then their resources would have to be divided (Confernece, 2013). But this also leaves a lot of “hidden children”. “Hidden children” is the term used to describe all of the children who were abandoned, who are orphans, who are homeless, or who were put into the sex trade. This can also be used to describe children who the government does not know about.
Not all parents wanted to give up their children. Because of the one-child policy, some parents have been forced to lie to the government in order to protect themselves and their families. Women will have hidden births then just do not tell the government about their new daughter (Johnson, 2016). Or they will send their daughter to a local adoptive family so they can keep their little girl. This can sometimes mean that children are passed around from family to family in a rotation just to keep them and

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