China's An Ambitious Negotiation At An Early Stage

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completely understandable, of course, that the Chinese government felt unable to commit to such an ambitious negotiation at an early stage.” China has been informed and is up to date on the TPP, but has not made a push to join the agreement. China does not meet the required high standards of which the TPP demands from its members. As Peter K. Yu, the author of TPP and the Trans-Pacific Perplexities, explains that, “… it makes sense to exclude China from the negotiations…. China continues to struggle with a wide variety of internal problems despite having join the international trading body…. these problems have included…significant losses suffered by inefficient state-owned enterprises…massive urban migration, widespread unemployment, corruption…” Like many developing countries China still has its fair share of challenges to face. These are not the only factors that stand to hinder China from entering the TPP. Yu, also points out that, “[I]f China were to join the TPP agreement… it w[ould] have to comply with the discipline on state-owned enterprises (SOEs)… SOEs are of great political as well as economic significance in China, it would be impossible for China to accede to such demands.” Being a hybrid communist country, the central government in China enacts control over the marketplace. China has recently adopted reforms that have allowed the people to benefit from a form of ‘capitalism’. Since China is such large economy, there may also have been some fear that

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