China's One Child Policy Does More Harm Than Good Essay

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Population Control in China: One Child Policy Does More Harm Than Good

Arzigul Ablet is a woman in China. She got permission from the Chinese government to become pregnant, with one exception: she had to give birth in early January 1997. Arzigul went into labor and ended up having her baby in December of 1996. Due to nature's timing, the government fined her 3,000 yuan, or $362.40. This amount was equal to the amount Arzigul earned in a 6-month period (Fatkulin).

The one-child policy in China came about in 1979; it refrains families from having more than one child. The reason the government felt the need to institute this policy was because the population of China was growing so rapidly that they had to do something to stop …show more content…

Some women even try to conceal their pregnancies, but they are usually caught. If they get caught, their healthy baby is aborted. If they aren't caught, their child can be "denied residency, food, healthcare, and even schooling" (Fatkulin). Also, if women go to a hospital to give birth, and their baby is outside of the quota, the doctor is required to either strangle or poison the baby (- - -). This control the government has over its people is criminal.

The Chinese government believes that women who have numerous children become very tired, worn out and unhealthy. That is one reason they supply abortions and sterilizations, but a pregnant woman named Patam had an abortion forced upon her by the Chinese government, and it left her paralyzed. She hasn't been able to walk or even stand since her baby was killed (Fatkulin). She hasn't been the only one who has been hurt. Men and women both are physically and emotionally damaged due to the forced abortions and sterilization. If women get pregnant when they aren't supposed to, then they will be harassed or arrested until they voluntarily walk into an abortion clinic (- - -). The harassment doesn' stop with words. Some women are"psychologically and physically pressured toabort unauthorized children, to the point of being dragged to the abortion mill" (Smith). One woman, while being interviewed, said, "I was four-and-a-half months pregnant. They wanted me to report

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