Chinese Communist Regime And The Collapse Of The Soviet Union

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Do you think there is now an alliance between rich people and powerful in China, or are the interests of those with money and those with power opposed to each other? Introduction
After the collapse of the Soviet Union and other eastern European communist parties, many Chinese scholars suggest that Chinese communist regime is under siege and it is on the verge of collapse. They argue that the reformed new rich group remarkably contributes into Chinese modernization construction and they start procuring political discursive power. Another important argument suggests that Chinese private sectors was increasingly encouraged and cooperated by Chinese officials, Chinese capitalist members were allowed to actively participate into Chinese political system in order to sharing political and economical interest (Bruce 2007. p.828). Hence, They contend that the principle of Chinese communist regime is going be replaced by the regenerate bourgeois community. However, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is survival and it still remains the unassailable power in regime by employing strategic action and various scenarios of collaboration with entrepreneurs and other civil communities.
Additionally, both alliances and cleavages between senior bureaucrats and wealthy businessmen has increased that it plays an important role in transforming Chinese social-economic and political environment. In this essay, it will specifically focus on the promoting political position of rich…

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