Chinese Culture In China

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The Chinese culture is mainly located in China. Chinese people refer to China as the middle nation. China has a land area of 3,691,502 square miles which makes China the third largest nation in the world. Due to its large size, China borders thirteen other countries including North Korea, Russia, Vietnam, and India; and since the country is so large there are diverse climates depending on where a person is located (Culture of China, N.d). (ENTER) China is also home to many endangered animals like the red crowned crane, giant panda, golden monkey, and the Yangtze Alligator (Culture of China, N.d). (ENTER)

Since China is the third largest nation in the world, the country has a huge population. China is actually the most populated nation in the world with the estimated population at 1,261,832,482. 92% of the population are Han Chinese while the other 8% are Zhuang, Uyhgur, Hui, Yi, Tibetan, Miao, Manchu, Mongol, Buyi, and Korean (Culture of China, n.d). (ENTER)

Many things that are common throughout multiple cultures and are even considered a necessity, originated from the Chinese culture. Paper making was created in China in 105 A.C (Cree, 2010) Woodblock printing was a common practice but was expensive and time consuming. This is all changed when Bi Sheng invented movable type printing which made printing easier and quicker. Also, toothbrushes originated in China in 1498. Chinese people made the first toothbrush with coarse hair attacked to a bone or bamboo (Top 20,
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