Choler The Lady Of The Lamp, Florence Nightingale

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Cholera affects many individuals world wide if it is not prevented. The ‘Lady of the Lamp’, Florence Nightingale dealt with patients who had cholera. Florence Nightingale was the secretary of war and along with other nurses, she cared for the soldiers that fought in the Crimean War. The soldiers were suffering from terrible conditions, and one of the main ones being cholera. The soldiers were not treated in the best manner and Nightingale was able to change this with her nursing practices. These practices of Nightingale are used in various organizations and programs worldwide. In order to minimize the spreading of cholera, and increase safe sources of food and water, there is a massive immunization campaign to minimize the spreading of this harsh disease and this stemmed from Nightingale’s theories of nursing practices including, providing safe drinking water, personal cleanliness, and cleanliness of the environment.

Cholera is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium, vibrio cholera, and is found in the feces of an individual who was contaminated. It affects countless individuals and it is affecting individuals of Ethiopia. It is one of the largest national cholera outbreaks. Currently, the Médecins Sans Frontières is starting an immunization campaign in the Gambella region of Ethiopia, in order to minimize the spreading of cholera to South Sudan, the neighbouring region. The refugee camps in the Gambella region of Ethopia allow perfect breeding for cholera and

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