Essay On Dried Fruits

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What do u prefer, fresh fruits or dried fruits ? Which choice is healthier? A question we may ask because many people don’t like the idea of eating fresh fruits. So the question is : Can we replace fresh fruits with dried ones ? As everything in life it is choice you have to take. It is a very commom snack among young children, and adults as well. Drying is a very good way to preserve foods and use it for a long period of time . As many processed food, it could lose some of its nutrients . Here is a summary for the steps that are taken for this process:
• Heat or air dryness in a good air circulation.
• Select fresh, fully ripened fruit .
• Dip food in ascorbic acid, citric acid or lemon juice
• Condition to 4 to 10 days before packaging
• Put it in tighten containers.
The history of dried food originates long time ago fresh fruits at that time were not available in all seasons ,so they used these methods so they can find something to eat in the winter seasons. The before using these fruits they used to reconstituted it with water to add the water what was lost during the drying methods. Of course the methods they used to try the fruit were very basic. In these days dried food is being used as a way to avoid eating eating the fresh fruits. As some people try to avoid eating fresh fruits. Can dried fruits replace the fresh fruits or not. We will try to answer this question in different aspects. In this paper we will discuss dried berries , their nutrition values,

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