Christian Classical Theism

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Every person in the world, from generations past to future civilizations, sees the world through a lens that can be defined as a worldview. Every lens is different because every person is unique. Many of these worldviews share similar overarching themes leading into a category we have titled religion; however, worldview is not simply composed of a religious affiliation. Worldview encompasses the entirety of how an individual views the world and all that is that within it. This view often becomes dictated by their religious beliefs and personal interaction with society and culture.
I can define my worldview as looking through the lens of Christian Classical Theism with a heavy influence from an Evangelical Protestantism
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The influence of Evangelical Protestantism in my worldview refines the belief in only the scripture. As a child, I attended a church every Sunday that had “Sola Scriptura” inscribed on the pulpit. Every sermon that the pastor preached was based entirely on scripture and I stand by this view of the Christian religion. From this standard, my belief includes the necessity to personally ask Jesus into your life and ask for His saving grace and mercy, the understanding that the only source of salvation is through Jesus’s sacrifice, requirement of sharing the Gospel, and a rapture of all Christians before the Great Tribulation.
Under an Eastern Pantheistic Monism worldview, all is God and all is One. There is an overarching understanding that the soul of every human being belongs to the Soul of the Cosmos and after this understanding is achieved each soul is joined to the One (Soul of the Cosmos). Pantheism and Monism have evolved rapidly over the past three decades which led to a stark division of beliefs according to different branches of Pantheism. Eastern Pantheistic Monism has also adapted into a form of New Age Gnosticism.
Monism. The belief that everything is one is classified as Monism. Diversity in the world is a faulty and invalid perspective under this worldview. There is no dichotomy between body and mind and there is no separation of God and the
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