Christian Girls Essay

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Seven Christian girls from the Iraqi city of Kirkuk miraculously escaped from the hands of Islamic State (ISIS) militants after they sent a text message to their local vicar. Church leaders thought the northern region of Iraq was safe for 50 of their female students, but then ISIS unexpectedly attacked the city in a bid to distract the Iraqi troops from the battle for Mosul. The seven girls were at a student house near a university when the militants entered their home to use it as a base, the Express details. “Suddenly their street was filled with IS warriors shouting ‘Alahu Akbar,’” said Father Ammar. “Most students were able to leave their houses in time, but seven girls couldn't escape.” The Christian girls hid under their beds under layers of blankets because they were unable to leave the house. For seven hours, the terrified students lay quiet and moving in the dark. The publication notes that ISIS kidnaps women to turn them into…show more content…
“Luckily the electricity was cut off, so it was dark in the room. Nevertheless it was a miracle the girls weren't discovered.” The girls were later rescued by security forces that stormed the house and took them to Erbil. Hours after the operation, an ISIS fighter blew himself up outside the student house. Father Ammar said it was a miracle that none of the Christian girls were injured. Meanwhile, a Yazidi girl named Zainab told Arabic media about her experience as an ISIS sex slave who was physically and sexually abused by someone called Abu Jaafar. She also said the man’s wife often beat her up because of jealousy. Zainab revealed that the wives of the ISIS fighters usually beat and torture Yazidi sex slaves out of jealousy. Even Yazidi children were not spared and some of them were poisoned to death by the ISIS
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