Christianity and Acceptance of Conventional and Nuclear War Essay

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Christianity and Acceptance of Conventional and Nuclear War Conventional war and nuclear war are different from others, but some Christians believe that both can take place while other Christians find nuclear war unacceptable but Conventional war is, I will explore this in detail. Some Christians think Conventional and nuclear war is acceptable because they are similar to each other in certain ways, although conventional wars do not consist of use of nuclear weapons while nuclear wars do, both kinds of wars can cause death of innocent people, both are more of government's decision rather than the citizen's, and they do not always solve the problem. An example of the similar effects of both…show more content…
However, some Christians will agree on conventional wars but not nuclear wars, this is because nuclear wars are seemed to be never justified. Nuclear war can cause innocent deaths in seconds after the explosion while conventional war can be controlled to not kill the innocent. Many Christians will argue nuclear war can never take place as it is against many evidence from biblical text, such as Matthew 5:38-48, where Jesus mentions how Christians should never being lead into violence and killing innocent people. Another biblical text is from Matthew 26:47-53 where Jesus told his disciple not to interfere the soldiers from arresting him, because violence should not be acted against with violence, this is taken not only for nuclear wars but conventional and any violent acts. However, freedom fighters known as terrorists fight for what they believe in can cause deaths of innocent people and conventional war is acceptable from Christians in order to stop it, as suggest from Mark 11:15-18 but nuclear war should not take place since it is no different form terrorists. In Romans 12:9-21, it says that any evil sins and violence should be left to God to

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