Cima Mountaineering

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Recommendations for Cima Mountaineering:
There are essentially following five options available to Cima Mountaineering as explained below:
Alternative 1: Maintain status quo. This option is not being selected because it ignores the current market trends in the face of changing customer needs and wants. Also such an option does not address any of the issues presently facing Cima.
Alternative 2: Enter the Weekender segment as suggested by Margaret Simon. This option appears to be an attractive alternative, but it may put Cima’s Brand name and image as a manufacturer of quality shoes for Mountaineers and Hikers in jeopardy.
Alternative 3: Expand the presence in the current market segment by adding three new models to the existing ones as
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Let’s now look a bit closely to the selected alternative. There are a number of challenges surrounding this alternative, the biggest of which may be the widening of the focus area for the company and spreading of the valuable management resources. It is, however, expected that the Company will overcome such challenges through use of Anthony and Margaret’s level of experience in the field and their willingness to hire knowledgeable staff when necessary, as evidenced in the case study material.
Another significant concern in adopting this alternative is the apparent cost involved in a combination strategy. It is proposed to tackle this concern in multiple ways as under: * Though the number of Boot Styles to be developed will be more in this case, there will be many common expenses in their development. * It is proposed improve and fasten the development process thro’ use of not only the modern techniques and design practices but by putting one or more carefully selected and focused cross-functional teams having leadership and co-ordination skills and dedicated to design creativity, simplicity and speed . * It is proposed to employ the Concurrent Engineering Techniques where the development teams will work in parallel rather than in sequence to achieve faster, better and more economical results. * Lastly, the company appears able to borrow sufficient funds to develop, manufacture and market additional designs.
Though it is expected that
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