Cinema In The Philippine Cinema

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The Philippine cinema is a roller coaster ride of different emotions and genres that serves the Filipino people entertainment and enjoyment. Over the past century or so, we’ve been filled up with a lot different stories of characters that are relatable to the people. From the adventures of Fernando Poe Jr.’s Ang Panday to the comedic acts of Babalu and Dolphy, we can say that the Philippine film industry is very reputable and prestigious just like those of in the other countries. In today’s generation, personally, I think people are getting sick of movies that depict mistresses and anything about them. I also think that one of the genres that are on the rise is the Independent films. Erik Matti’s Indie film, Honor Thy Father, brings a very different tone and story to the plate. The movie starts off with Edgar (John Lloyd Cruz) picking up his daughter from school. The scene shifts to their house where Kaye (Meryll Soriano), Edgar’s wife, is persuading a group of friends to invest in her father’s business where everyone gets significantly rich. Edgar sits from behind, listening to how people believe in his wife’s words. The next scene shows the essential part of the story because the movie uses religion as a device to show the irony of being projected as pure and wholesome can hide the evilness and cruelty of a person. Edgar’s family is part of this religious organization called the Church of Yeshua but Edgar is seen staring at the money being donated by the people and

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