Cipd Certificate in Learning and Development Practice Fundation Level

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MENU Activity 1 ( report of approximately 1500 words ) A). Briefly explore the overview of the Map and its 3 main components – 1. i.e. the 10 Professional Areas, 2. 4 Bands 3. And 8 Behaviours B). Access the “full map’ for the Professional Area “learning and talent Development” and consider the activities, knowledge and behaviours for either Band 1 or band 2 C.) Rapport based on research from activates 1.B 1. Summarise, in a few sentences, the HRP Map including the 2 key professional areas ( “Strategy, Insight & Solutions” and “ Learning and Managing” ) 2. Comments on the activate Activity 2 Activity two ( report of approximately 1500 words ) A). With reference to you own (or other…show more content…
Consistently leads by example. Acts with integrity, impartiality and independence, applying sound personal judgement in all interactions. Band 1 Is fully aware of the organisation’s processes, values and expected behaviours and works within its frame. Has a deep sense of own core values and operates within personal boundaries. Is authentic. Can be relied upon to have a calming influence in times of difficulty or high workload ensuring that the team remains focused and delivers. Deals with personal data and information in a highly professional manner and within the boundaries of relevant legislation such as the Data Protection Act. Takes an unbiased approach, seeking facts and evidence when settling disagreements. B. Contra-indicators  Does not ‘walk the talk’ or lead by example.  Does not understand the importance of relationships and so fails to nurture them.  Tends to be politically motivated and preoccupied with own agenda rather than the needs of the client or organisation.  Acts inconsistently or ‘turns a blind eye’ with regard to the company’s processes, values and expected behaviours.  Does not take a personal stand or position, sits on the fence. 2.) Skilled influencer A. Demonstrates the ability to influence across a complex environment, to gain the necessary commitment, consensus and support from a wide range of diverse stakeholders in pursuit of organisation benefit. Band 1 Uses

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