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The Name of the company which I choose, is Citigroup. I’ve been interested in the company for a very long time. Since the day I first met my brother in-law eight years ago, I’ve been at awe in regards to the sophisticated manor in which employees carry themselves and the company name as a badge of pride and accomplishment.
When I first entered High School, I instantly became an honors student and attained the honor of being directly involved with the community based activities of Soloman Smith Barney, because of my direct involvement with many employees of the company, I learned that Citigroup would be the best place for me to build a career upon matriculation from college.
Last Summer when I graduated from High School, I was
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to become Salomon Brothers & Hutzler.
In 1987 Smith Barney was acquired by Primerica, a publicly held financial services corporation. Then in another acquisition Primerica obtains the retail brokerage and asset management operations of Shearson Lehman Brothers, and Investment Banking Firm, and combines them with Smith Barney. Then in yet another acquisition Primerica acquires The Travelers Groups In December of 1993.
All of their mergers and acquisitions are what made Citigroup the Worlds Most powerful financial services company. Because of the acquisition of the Travelers group, Soloman Smith Barney and Primerica, Citigroup’s Global Consumer Investment Banking Firm is by far the worlds most trusted securities brokerage firm.
Many of the smaller portions of the company were incorporated initially in throughout the united states and the world, but Citigroup as a sole entity was incorporated in Delaware during 1998. The company chose to incorporate in Delaware rather than in New York City, Where it’s company headquarters stands at 399 Park Avenue, because of lower taxes imposed by Delaware’s State government.
Each of the original pieces of the Citigroup Pie has it’s own creator, but the man who had both the vision and the charisma to bring the dream of a company which performs nearly all financial needs better than any other company, was Sanford I. Weill.

Basic Business Factors
During the course of 2003 Citigroup, through progressive mergers and acquisitions of new
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