City and Guilds Coursework for Outcome 2 Essay

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Outcome 2.1 Explain the key components of a healthy and safe home based environment As a childminder I will be providing meals and snacks for the children so I must ensure this is done in a hygienic way. I would regularly disinfect the toilet seat and flush handle, taps and bathroom door handle regularly to stop cross contamination. When storing, preparing and cooking food I will; - cover and wrap food in the fridge and keep raw meat at the bottom (to prevent blood dripping onto other foods) - never use foods after they have gone out of date - defrost food fully before using it - never to re freeze food that has already been thawed out Also in the kitchen I would; - keep equipment and utensils out of reach - fit cupboard…show more content…
I would also carry an emergency card so if anything should happen to me whilst we're out, it would have my name, my emergency contact and also explain I'm a childminder and where to find the contact numbers of the parents of each child. I would always make sure i have filled the car with petrol when I wasn't childminding and I would never leave children alone in the car. I would make sure car seats are appropriate for the child's age and height/weight and make sure each child has their own car seat brought from new. Child door and window locks would be in use in the car at all times too. Outcome 2.3 Identify ways of ensuring that equipment is suitable for children and meet safety requirements When buying equipment I must always look for safety standard logos, such as the British Standards Institute, the European Union CE Mark or the Lion Mark. Show logos Safety equipment such as car seats should never be brought second hand from charity shops, ebay or car boots as you won't know for sure if they have been damaged in an accident. Items like car seats are so important and you must ensure you buy them brand new from an appropriate manufacturer. I will have standard risk assessments in place for regular outings such as the school run, visits to a local park or a soft play area/toddler group that is attended every week. I will also need to complete a risk assessment for a different outing and will also need to

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