Health and Social Care Btec

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M2: Assess the hazards identified in the health or social care setting.
D1: Make recommendations in relation to identified hazards to minimise the risks to the service user group.
A risk assessment is used to assess the hazards and risks that can cause harm to individuals in an environment. I did my risk assessment for my placement which is a day nursery setting called Quince Tree. Many parents and their children visit this health and social care setting daily and a risk assessment was needed to make sure their safety was to a high standard.
There was five hazards at Quince Tree that I had recognised which could have put the service users and staff at risk, most of these hazards was at a medium risk and only a small amount were high. …show more content…

If an individual opens the door without knocking to make the staff in the room aware that someone is entering they can push the door into the children which can cause them to fall over. This could cause bruising or cuts to head, legs or arms depending how they fall. Also as the doors are not very heavy the children are capable of opening them themselves and leaving the room that they are in. If this is unnoticed by any of the staff the staff it puts the child in great danger if they leave the building or if they choose to hide in another area. Ways to resolve and minimise the risks of these hazards occurring again would be to replace the old doors with new fire doors which would be heavy enough so the children would be unable to open them. The doors would also have a thin strip of glass so the individuals can see inside before entering although they should knock and wait for response to. A finally idea to minimise this risk would be to fix finger guards to the hinges of every door so no one’s fingers can be caught in between.
Another hazard that could occur is the nappy bin overflowing the babies this is placed in both the 0 to 1 year old room and always the toilets that used for only the children. Children of the younger age may try to pull these items from the bin this puts bacteria and germs onto their hands if this is unnoticed their hands will not be washed and they may touch toys or put their fingers

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