Classical Viewpoint Of Management Essay

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In the classical viewpoint of management, great time and effort is put into the scientific method and scientific management. The scientific method is used in order to determine the best way to accomplishing each assigned task. The classic viewpoint also uses the theory that persons need to be scientifically selected and then trained to conduct duties. Encompassed in this viewpoint is the implication that management develop and assign all tasks, and employees are responsible for the completion of those tasks. The classical view point is often used in industry and refined the pay for performance incentives. The chain of command which so many of us are familiar with from the military is clearly depicted and used in the classical management…show more content…
In order for the human relations aspect to be effective the focus must be satisfying worker needs, which usually means supplying employees with purpose and meaning. Human relations even today is a large part of most management practices especially when you are management in a specialty career field.
As part of the human relations aspect and in the process of forming the behavioral viewpoint, behavioral science emerged. It is the progression of the use of human relations in management. Behavioral science digs down deeper into human relations and goes into a person personality, attitude, values and motivation for conducting themselves that way they do in the work environment. Both human relations and behavior science are combined to form the behavioral viewpoint.
The contingency viewpoint is another interesting viewpoint which was brought to light in the 1960’s which was applied to mainly organizational design, job design, and leadership styles. The contingency viewpoint it the viewpoint that as management I rely on the most. In this viewpoint it is important as a manger to be able to evaluate the situation and environment around you in order to manage effectively in that given situation. While using the contingency view point it is important to apply the correct management style to the correct situation. Different situations may not
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