Classical and Operant Conditiioning

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Have you walked into the pet store and went to buy pet treats? Which one stands out the most? Most would see the yellow bag of Beggin Strip. Beggin strips has a very humorous form of classical conditioning in there commercial. It starts out with the dog lying on the bed, he hears the bag open. The smell travels up the stairs, across the street to the neighbor’s dog. The smell even traveled to Paris, France where French poodle was standing by the Eiffel Tower. Once the dog smells the treats he takes off running down the stairs where he sees the women in the …show more content…

Negative punishment can be from the life that’s being taking away from the individual person or the life they took from somebody else if multiple collision. Many states in the U.S. have banned texting and talking on cell phones while driving this can be used as positive punishment if you get caught you can get a ticket or going to jail. Adding on manslaughter can be a positive punishment seeing how most people will change their behavior on the texting and driving. Statics rate that 1.6 million accidents occur per year. 300 hundred thousand injuries and nearly 11 teen deaths a day. So making it illegal to text and drive is a positive punishment also. It will decrease the accidents and injuries. This is a variable ratio schedule you don’t know when the deaths or injuries will occur. Or how in depth they will be when you suffer a collision. You don’t know when you are going to get caught for texting and driving but eventually you will get caught and after so many times the charge will go up. Another operant condition is the ‘click it or ticket’ commercial. Traffic laws are the most violated laws, wither it is drinking and driving, running stop signs, speeding or most common not wearing your seat belts. The media commercial started off with a grey Silverado driving in the neighborhood with the window down. A pink ticket went flying in the window and land on the man chest that was driving. His wife tried to yank it off but

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