Classroom Management As A Functional Class

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Classroom management plays an important role in a functional class, and it is a precondition that make other effective teaching actions to be successful (Cothran, Kulinna & Garrahy, 2003). Meanwhile, the skills and techniques in classroom management are aim to reflect the teacher’s relationships with the learners as well as the teacher’s attitude, personality and intention (Scrivener,2005). According to Richards and Lockhart (1994), teachers’ decisions and actions constitute the classroom teaching management and teacher’s beliefs serve as the background to the classroom management. Therefore, interactive decision making could be a crucial principle in the classroom teaching, which depend on different teachers experience, personality, school practice and other sources in teachers’ belief. In lesson planning, teacher need to provide a framework for the teacher’s interactive decision, then during the classroom teaching process, decision could based on the classroom management to solve the student’s problem (Richards,1998). One classroom management strategy both classroom teaching used was signposting the stages of lesson. Signposting is refers to use the words to tell student what has just happened and what is going to happen next, like a linking word in sentence, in order to guide listener through the teaching. In Peter’s pre-intermediate course, for instance, after student finish listening task, he want to check student’s answer and continue to teaching grammar, he say

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