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Classroom Sociogram and Narrative I observed a lesson for my Classroom Sociogram from 12:10 P.M. to 12:40 P.M. on February 24, 2017. My class consists of forty-eight kindergarten students. It is a co-teaching classroom, so there are two teachers. During this time frame, the class is divided based on ability. This enables all students to get constructive instruction time with a teacher. For phonics, Ms. West takes the higher-level students and Ms. Rogers takes the lower- level students. Since Ms. Rogers is my Cooperating Teacher, I went with her while she taught the lower-level students. There are fifteen lower-level students that typically go with Ms. Rogers during this time frame. Two of the fifteen students were not there, so I only …show more content…

William was one of the only students that was engaged during the entire lesson. He remained on task even when there were distractions by other students and the class clown. William kept to himself, yet did everything that was asked of him. For these reasons, I labeled William as the “Portrait Child.” The class leader during this lesson was Desmond because many students followed his lead. When Desmond was on task and doing the correct thing, the students around him were on task. Desmond did provide un-called for responses a few times. After he talked without being called on, some of the other students thought that they could speak without being called on. This showed the power that Desmond had over this group of students. Though Desmond is in the lower-level group, he is not the academically lowest student in this group. Desmond understood most of the topics that were covered in the lesson. Since he is slightly higher academically than the other students in this group, Desmond was the “Class Leader.” Lastly, the class isolate was the easiest to spot. Ms. Rogers had to prompt Brian to participate four times through the lesson. This was more than any other student. Brian had an unengaged attitude and only participated when he was directly told to do so. I labeled Brian as the “Class Isolate” due to his lack of participation in the

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