Climate Change And Its Effect On The Environment

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Tying this back to climate change, it the levels of these salt marshes are affected by the rise in seawater. However, if the cordgrass and marsh hay experience more or less stress from higher or lower tides than they are used to, the soils within each area will be disturbed. The higher the sea level rises, the more tides increase in number as well as speed. If the tides speed up and become more frequent, it is possible that this could dislodge newly planted seeds and disturb the populations increasing rate. When flooding is heightened, the low marsh areas containing the cordgrass will be completely submerged for longer periods of time. This will keep them underwater longer and sheltered from light for an excessive amount of time. If the saltmarsh is neglected from light and reproduction, the intertidal vegetation will decrease and be negatively affected. With an increase of temperature we can expect to see a change in the species distribution in specific areas. Plants will need to adapt to the change in water elevation and/or water temperature. If the plants cannot adapt they will need to move locations. The only way for these plants to move locations would be to be physically transported by predators such as birds. With the ingestion and digestion of these plants, the birds would be able to ingest them at their current sit and fly to a new location. Once they have arrived at a new location, when they have completely digested the plant, the plants will be excreted into a…
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