Climate Change And Life Expectancy. The Current Rate Of

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Climate Change and Life Expectancy The current rate of at which the world is being affected by climate change; one may be convinced to believe that the earth will not be able to be inhabited by any other generation. The perfect clarification of these claims has been the reduction in the life span and the increase in the number of diseases that are actually attacking human beings all because of climatic change. The impact of climate change has been felt and this has had a negative impact on the lives of animals and human beings (Baker, Judy & World Bank., 3). There has been a huge debate on whether climatic change is responsible for the decline in the life expectancy among human beings as well as animals. This essay is based on the facts…show more content…
This is means the depletion or destruction of this natural resources means the end of the life for this countries hence the increase in the rate of complacency. The point also explains why developing country usually relies on foreign aid as means of sustaining their own economies. Initially animals used to have very long time span in that goats or even cattle could stay for years and yet they are still very productive. This has certainly changed as result of climatic changes. The animals used to live longer as a result of cold temperatures that used to slow down their rates of metabolism hence the longer life span. Temperatures today are very high as a result of climatic changes. The increased temperatures have actually led to increase in the metabolic rate of the animals hence the reduction in the life span. This explains why animals today cannot even live for more than five years and then remain productive all along as animals could live for a whole decade but still remain very productive. It is believed that the presence of favorable climatic conditions usually increase the life span of animals or even plants by more than 20 percent. This is very reason the people back in the 1700s all the way to the late 1800s used to live long and they were not really exposed to the kind of diseases that people are currently exposed to (Letcher, T. M, 49). One of the main factors that have actually led to the reduction in the life expectancy
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