Cmn279 - Final Report

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DATE: April 10, 2012
TO: John Smith, Vice President
FROM: Tom Chung, Committee Chairperson
At your request, the other members of the Ryerson Business Students Association committee and I, have researched and acquired information on three different charities around the area of the university to best identity which charity would be the most deserving of a donation. We have done this by collecting information from each organization and comparing them to see which charity best meets the set of criteria we have chosen.
This report is comprised of the set of criteria we have used to compare each organization, the three alternatives we have chosen, a diagram and a recommendation …show more content…

The organization itself has many visible signs of supporting diversity as many of the images on its website depict various business people, both men and women, many of whom appear to be from different cultures. However, not much else is known about the level of diversity in this organization as information on that aspect of the charity is sparse (based on the company website).
Alternative 2: Inner City Angels
This charity was founded in 1969 by activist Marianne Heller. It is one of the closest charities to the university as it focuses on helping children in inner-city Toronto. By donating to Inner City Angels the RBSA will be donating to a charity that focuses on promoting arts education and ‘hands-on’ training for inner city children who do not have the facilities to get an arts education. This foundation helps youths to realize their full creative potential by pairing them with arts organizations, educators and artists who educate them on the arts and work with them on creative art projects. This, ultimately, helps the youth with their personal development as they will be working in a communal environment with other youths. The organization’s various programs include; Graphic Stories, where artists assist youths in

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