Coca Cola And A Low Calorie Cola

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With each day, the advertisement industry is growing, becoming one of the most undeviating parts of our lives. According to statistics, one-third of all commercials are produced right here in the United States. Being home to major multi-national companies, the United States witnesses both excellent and atrocious ads. While many firms have failed dreadfully sometimes to promote their products through the help of a commercial, Coca-cola has always flourished in this sector. Coca-Cola managed to produce astounding ads by consistently creating an emotional connection with its audience. With the launch of its new soda ‘‘Coca-Cola Life’’ in Buenos Aires Argentina, The Coca-Cola company has released another scintillating and heartwarming commercial along with it. The sixty-second Coca-Cola ad advocates ‘Coca-Cola Life,’ a low-calorie cola that is naturally sweetened with stevia leaf extract and sugar. By chronicling the joys and pains of parenting and by portraying a family environment, Coca-Cola effectively elicits from viewers that connect their product with a sense of the warmth of a peaceful family life. Thousands of ads have tackled the highs and lows of first-time parenting but none quite as magnificently as this. At the end of the commercial, it sends out a message, ‘‘Destapa Tu Naturaleza.’’ Substantially, the brand’s campaign invites consumers to “open their good nature.” Eventually, they synthesized the idea of parenting and good nature

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