Coca Cola And The Popular Soft Drink

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Have you ever seen one of the aesthetically pleasing Coca-Cola advertisements? Chances are, whether it was on a billboard, Super Bowl commercial, or internet pop-up, you have seen the classic Cola-Cola logo. Recently, a new advertisement has leaked to the public, typically seen on t-shirts. Although the advertisement appears in the classic Coca-Cola format, it boldly proclaims a different “product” than the popular soft drink. In a non-blasphemous analogy, the strange t-shirt ad celebrates both Coca-Cola and Jesus Christ 's Presence in Holy Communion.
Before even an in-depth look at the advertisement, one may be quick to conclude that the t-shirt bashes the mundanity of Coke, and instead, advocates a more extraordinary and spiritual “food.” Coca-Cola, with its finitude and temporary satisfaction, could never compare to the “Bread of Life.” However, nowhere on the advertisement can one find any derogatory statement about Coca-Cola. Furthermore, just because Coca-Cola (and all material goods) cannot be placed in the same genus of the Eucharist does not necessarily mean they are dishonorable. From a theological point of view, all things were created by God, and by virtue of their existence, they are good when properly appropriated. And Coca-Cola is a delicious drink enjoyed by many people! Therefore, it can safely be assumed that the advertisement is a celebrated analogy, praising both the palatable soda and Holy Communion, because they are, in fact, similar in a variety of

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