Coca Cola's Strategic Business Plan: Analysis and Recommendations

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Running Head: CASE ANALYSIS Case Analysis BUS 401 Assignment 03 June 2013 Introduction Increase in stiff competition among businesses globally necessitates organizations to formulate business strategies to enhance a competitive market advantages. The objective of this report is to investigate the strategic plan of Coca Cola in the business world, and recommend the plan that would increase the company sales and revenues. Coca Cola Strategic Plan To explore a strategic plan of an organization, there is a need to evaluate its current strategic position. The paper uses the SPACE and IE matrices to evaluate the strategic capability of Coca Cola. The paper also provides the benefits and limitations of two other strategies, which include product development and market penetration. More importantly, the paper also compares the expected results between the company current strategies and the recommendations provided by the paper. IE Matrix The Internal External (IE) Matrix provides the analysis of the internal and external factors affecting a company. In most cases, the internal factors are the strengths and weakness of a company. On the other hand, the external factors are the opportunities and threats that a company is undergoing. Table 1 presents the Coca Cola IE Matrix. Table 1Â : Coca Cola IE Matrix Internal Factors Weight Rating Weighted Score Strengths Coca Cola is one of the world most valuable brand 0.09 4.0 0.36 Variety of Products 0.08 4.0
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