Code Of Ethics For Nurses

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Code of Ethics for Nurses
In the nursing profession, nurses often find ethical reasoning that not only evaluates actions and their results, but also questions why we perceive certain incidences to be paramount for us as humans. Ethics attempts to decide how actions are deemed right or wrong. The Code of ethics, which is a set of guidelines published by the International Council of Nurses, helps direct nurses in everyday decisions and it defends their refusal to take part in events that disagree with caring and healing. The code of ethics can also aid in increasing the confidence in a healthcare organization by showing others that members of the organization are dedicated to following the guidelines while taking care of their patients. The International Council of Nurses code of ethics demonstrates the ethical concepts confidentiality, autonomy, and denunciations.
Confidentiality is prevalent in the International Council of Nurses code of ethics principle that the nurse’s duty is “to hold in personal information and use judgment when sharing information” (ICN, 2012). Confidentiality correlates with keeping secrets. “A secret is knowledge that a person has a right or obligation to conceal” (Garret et al., 2013, p. 119). When a secret is revealed to another person it comes with trust. The condition of every human’s body is private and thus revealing matters that are intimate as such are shared with those well trusted to help them. Ergo the professional secret

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