Coffeehouse Tears ( Goodbye )

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Coffeehouse Tears (Goodbye) He walks up to the coffee shop. It’s a breezy autumn evening, the kind of weather that made him feel warm inside. He looks inside the shop, there are a few people inside; they’re studying, talking, and sipping on their beverages. There are a few local college kids in the corner intensely studying, presumably for a big exam. They have four text books open and they are writing fervently all in their individual notebooks. They each have headphones inserted into their ears, ignoring each other, but not out of maliciousness, but rather they 're just intently focused on their school work. To their left he sees a young lady reading a book while drinking her coffee. She looks relaxed and tranquil, like she’s disconnected herself from the outside world and is completely engulfed in her cup of coffee and her novel. The baristas and the waitress are laughing with each other at the register, which leads him to think that it’s a pretty slow day. He pulls his phone out to check the time; he’s early as he usually is. He’s afraid to go inside. He doesn’t see his friend so he knows she hasn’t arrived yet, but he has second thoughts about being there himself. He hadn’t spoken to her in such a long time, and he knew she was hurt by his decision and he was hurt too. He missed her so much, but had no idea what to say to make things better. He takes a deep breath, opens the door of the coffee shop, and walks in. Waiting outside for a few minutes gave

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