Cognitive Concepts Of Cognitive Therapy Essay

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According to Corsini and Wedding (2013), cognitive therapy aims at adjusting information and initiate positive change in all systems by acting through the cognitive systems. From my perspective, what is very appealing about cognitive therapy is that the therapist can challenge their client 's viewpoints and rational. Furthermore, cognitive therapy allows people to perceive the world and shape behavior based on their thoughts and feelings. According to Frances, Miller, and Mack (2005), cognitive therapy is used to treat addiction, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, and compulsive disorders such as gambling, shopping, and sexual behaviors. Moreover, cognitive therapists assess the development of their patient’s beliefs about themselves, their early life experiences, exposure to stressful circumstances, and the overall development of their beliefs (Frances et al., 2005).
Furthermore, the therapist must comprehend the core belief that causes individuals to associate their thoughts with their feelings (Frances et al., 2005). However, the therapist should be able to differentiate the individual’s thoughts from their feelings (Corsini & Wedding, 2013). For instance, a clear separation of one’s thoughts from one’s feelings allows the individual to grasp a cleared rational and question themselves. Moreover, some individuals may express themselves by stating they feel helpless, badness, and vulnerability (Frances et al., 2005). Furthermore, the aim of the

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