Cohort Study Design

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• Which study design has been used for research?
The study I chose was a case-controlled study. This study was done on malaria. This study was conducted in three different health facilities in West Gambia between October and December of 2012. There were 150 children, some with confirmed cases of malaria and others that were confirmed to not have malaria.
• What is your learning from the chosen article and its study design?
Malaria has to potential to effect nearly 3.5 billion people. There are many options for some protection against contracting malaria such as mosquito nets and insecticide sprays, however, because of poor living environments and even lack of education on how to protect themselves, the spread of malaria continued.
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The study can help show the frequency of symptoms within an area or amongst a certain demographic
A case-control study has two different, yet similar groups. The first group is a control group in which they are not infected with a disease and the second group has been infected with the group. The actual participants have been chosen so that they are almost identical groups, the only exception being who does and does not have the disease. Ages, residence and living conditions are all matched between the two groups in order to be as accurate as possible with results. Thus comparing the two groups and how the environment, treatments and other factors affect the participants.
• What is essentially the main use or purpose of the cohort study design and case-control study design?
The purpose of any study that is focused on disease and symptoms is to ultimately fine the root cause and how to best treat and eventually eliminate the disease and the factors that cause it.
• When it is best to use the cohort study design and when is it best to use the case-control study design?
A cohort study should be use before the participant has the disease. This way they can watch a group of people who may or may not have some of the symptoms and how they are affected and if they contract the disease and what factors caused it. A case control study is best to watch the effects of the environment or treatments on a group of people who already have a disease.

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