Cold War in The Hunt for Red October Essay

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The Hunt for Red October(1990)

A. Summary
REd October is a hypothetical movie about a soviet defector named Marko Ramius. It was based on a Tom Clacy novel. Ramius was a Lithuanian submarine commander for the soviets. The red october is an expiramental nuclear typhoon submarien equipped win an expiramental propulsion device that is almost undetectable by sonar, and when detected it sounds like an anomoly.Red October follows agent Jack Ryan as he trys to prove that Marko Ramius is in fact defecting instead of trying to nuke america. The Captain lost his wife a year before because of a soviet officer who went unpunished due to political connections. He defected because of her death and the fear of the new technology. When the soviets …show more content…

6. The US strategy for the Cold War was based on Mutually Assured Destruction, meaning if the Soviets launched their missiles, we would launch ours and wipe them out. Our strategy was MAD.
7. The third leg of Mutually Assured Destruction was submarines, which could dive into the ocean for weeks at a time and had nuclear warheads attached to them.
8. The Russians had failsafes so that an AWOL officer couldn’t go and blow up the world. They had two keys to access the nuclear warheads held by different people on the ship.
9. The Americans had vastly superior submarines over the Russians. While the russian submarines were noisy, ours could go undetected.

D. Happenings in 1984
Ghandi was assassinated
The Soviets boycott the Los Angleles Olympics
Average cost of a house was $86,730
A gallon of gas was $1.10
Ghostbusters was popular
Prince Harry was born

E.Happenings in 1990
Saddam Hussein ordered Iraq invasion of Kuwait
Nelson Mandela was released from prison
Saturn is launched by GM
A formal ban on the trade of ivory was introduced
Bon Jovi and Red Hot Chili Peppers were popular
The Simpsons television show was launched

F.How might things happening when movie was made have influenced tone of movie?
In 1990, the Cold War was still fresh on the

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