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Colleagues, I feel your pain on this issue.
Scenario #1: You've got a critical position that needs to be filled by a qualified candidate, and quick. For every day the position doesn't get filled, your in-box fills up a bit more with work to be done because your unfilled position hasn't been staffed. You see tons of resumes and have interviewed scores of candidates, but the rock star you're looking for isn't emerging. You refuse to "settle" for a mediocre candidate, but the work is piling up and you've got to do something.
Scenario #2: Three months ago you thought you had the perfect candidate for a job and decided to hire him. You negotiate a compensation package, relocate the candidate, and do some internal public relations work with the …show more content…

Use multiple interviewers who can focus on different skills - Based on the job description, your candidate may need a combination of functional, technical, leadership, and people skills. A candidate who may be a technical wiz may also have the people skills of a head of lettuce. Use trusted interviewers who have expertise in each area of focus and ask them to drill the candidate for their respective area to ensure the total skills package is there.
Look beyond the obvious - One of my best hires several years back didn't meet the stereotypical requirements of the job, but had some outstanding core skills that were easily translatable to the new job. Had I stuck with my mental image of what I was looking for, I would have rejected the candidate during the resume screening process. If your job for a procurement analyst requires strong analytical skills, consider looking at candidates from other functional disciplines, i.e. finance, to fill the role. I've continually been amazed the number of times "out-of-the-box" candidates have become rock stars. Don't limit yourself to candidates with stereotypical requirements.
Get a glimpse into critical thinking skills - OK, so you've probably heard about the "why are manhole-covers round" type of questions and may be chuckling at the prospect of asking a candidate such an off-the-wall question. The truth is,

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