Collective Bargaining In The United States

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Collective bargaining is when employers and employees negotiate the terms of their work. Republicans in Iowa now want to get rid of this section of the Iowa Code. Many states have done away with collective bargaining for public workers. States how get rid of collective bargaining affects all public union employees, including police officers, firefighters, teachers, sanitation workers, water works staffers, snow plowers, corrections workers, transportation workers, and some public hospital employees. According to the Iowa Starting Line, “the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees or AFSCME bargains contracts every two years for around 18,000 state employees, police negotiate separate contracts with the state, the county courthouse bargains contracts with their county and teachers and school staff negotiate with their school district.” (Prynard 2017) Public workers are the ones in trouble to losing their say in their contracts, others who are employed by private companies do not need to worry about collective bargaining being changed or eliminated.…show more content…
In Iowa the collective bargaining is called Chapter 20 and an important part of Chapter 20 is section 20.9 which includes some specifics that workers are able to negotiate and they include: wages, hours, vacation time, health insurance, health and safety rules, seniority and overtime
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