College Abt : The Big Problem Of College Debt

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What is college debt some may ask, well college debt is when a student takes out loans for college and must pay them back when they graduate. It might sound good, because you can pay it back when you get that good job after graduating. There are a few problems with that as I will discuss later in my paper. Student debt is a big problem and could be solved by making it free, but of course, the colleges don’t want it to be free, because the colleges will be losing money. College costs so much that the government is basically handing out money for people being able to pay for it. There are plenty of reasons why colleges should be free but one of the main ones is college debt, because so many students deal with debt from college.
The price of colleges has been going up a lot and are expensive now. “The average price of all goods and services has risen about 50 percent. But the price of a college education has nearly doubled in that time.” Its crazy to think that college has gotten so expensive in that time. Knowledge is costing people way too much now and it might not even be worth the money they are charging. Since people end up in debt and more than 50 percent of them can’t get a job after graduating, the question is whether college is even worth it. Its worth it to people that can afford to pay for it, but if you can’t afford to pay for it, then it won’t be worth it. It won’t be worth it, because you’ll end up in a debt you can’t pay for and you might not even get a job

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