College Admissions Essay-Let Me Live, Please !

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Let me live, please!
People often prefer to believe that it’s possible to hide pieces of ourselves that we don’t want people to see. And the fact is what we want to hide from others is something that we fear to face ourselves. The less we face these parts of ourselves, the more they hurt us. Learning about ourselves and facing all the facts of ourselves, especially those that we strive not to see, is the key to integration with ourselves, as well as connecting with other people. The less fluidity within ourselves to go in and out of our emotional spaces, the more likely ruptures will be caused in our relationships when blocked avenues explode.

Facing ourselves and integrating with ourselves will open the door to more connection, comfortable exchanges, and less anxiety in all types of relationships. Social anxiety generally stems from the fear of being seen by others — the fear that our masks won’t cover the component we wish not to be seen. If we can get to know these parts of ourselves we wish to hide, rather than fighting to disown them, it can liberate us. In the end, people see us. We’re only hiding from ourselves.
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But does it mean I want to escape. Escapism is the word, the word which means to be carefree. I just want to run away, run away from the choices, choices I made, choices I had to make, choices I make every day. Why can’t God give some signs, He did not even when He was asked for them. Why does He enjoy all this, have fun with the choices the people make. I just want to run away from the judgements and endless suggestions of the people. There are always choices around, but why do we not see them when we should. Why do they become visible very late? And trust me choices once ignored or missed haunt us
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