Essay College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Should college athletes receive pay for what they do? You’ve probably seen this pop-up a million times, and thought about it. You’ve probably figured why should they? Aren’t they already receiving benefits from a full-ride scholarship? But then an athlete will get caught up in a scandal like Johnny Manziel, where he signed footballs for money.. then you think well why shouldn’t he receive that money? And you then contradict yourself. But shouldn’t they receive money from outside sources, and then the benefits from the school. Not get a salary from the school just the benefits they’re already receiving, and money from sponsors. Wouldn’t that make sense considering the money they’re making the school? According to an ESPN report Alabama …show more content…

Not most... but all of these athletes have needs and when interviewed by Denver Post Colorado linebacker Derrick Webb stated “I fight the urge to call my mother for money at the end of each month”, and “And when you’re waiting for your next meal you gotta do something”. (Henderson 1) On the other end Morgan Burke , president and spokesman of the Division IA Athletics Directors Association(a group of 351 programs) was quoted as saying “ A full scholarship and direct support services at Purdue has excess value of $250,000.” But even though that number looks glamorous it isn’t. (Henderson 1) That money isn’t going to the player, that money is going to resources that a player may never use. See what needs to be understood is the ‘full-ride scholarship’ line is often very over-exaggerated, and realistically even though it has value it in actuality is not helping the player put food on the table. Yes it is paying for things they need such as a room, and board. But it’s also looking at things like counselling something a player will likely never use. There are expenses like groceries, clothes, and costs to go back and see family that are not covered and money received from sponsors, or a photo-shoot could easily help out. Extra money received in college could also be used as a tool to teach athletes to be financially responsible, if they get extra money and blow it on nothing well when they can’t get a meal

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