College Education Essay

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College can play an enormous role in life, and one of those roles is to help earn a job that is important in today's society. Most people think college is beneficial, some people believe that’s not so true. There are obvious benefits that most people know about like, more job opportunities, bettering the education of people, becoming qualified in a subject and manifesting destiny. College can also help score a well paying job. Even though there is student debt, with a well paying job, it can pay it off quickly. College is an essential requirement for success because it gives opportunities to succeed in life. College is a monumental part of the years to come in life and will help provide students with a job. It is the next step in a …show more content…

They know that their parents pushed through adversity to earn their degrees, and they apply that same philosophy to going after what they want in life — a bar that is placed that much higher by having college-educated parents.” (Life,14) There is a pressure on society to obtain a college degree, otherwise it might be a disappointment to the family name. If parents go to college their kids are less likely to be educated about school and the benefits. The article, “Top 10 benefits of a college degree.”, explains the benefits for children in years to come that have educated parents. “Parents with advanced degrees are three times more likely to read to their kids every day than parents who haven’t finished high school, and twice as likely to participate in other educational activities like visiting museums and libraries.” Children are more motivated to go to college and have a better chance of succeeding in life. Some individuals are against going to college or identify no importance in it because students think it’s possible to can receive a job without an education and still succeed. In “Why a College Degree May Not Be Worth It” the article talk about jobs in 2018. “[W]e cite in the book that by the year 2018 there will be 14 million jobs

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