Is College Worth It?

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Intro Whether you are from the smallest, roughest high school in the U.S. or the largest, wealthiest high school, you have at some point been talked to about furthering your education. America is notorious for pressuring its youth to attend four-year universities and graduating college to become successful. While some of Americas’ young adults might follow blindly into this “social norm,” others will question its logic or even decide that it is not for them. When it really comes down to it, everyone has one question. Is college worth it? I have searched high and low for the correct answer, but with so many factors included it can be hard to ultimately say yes or no. After all not everyone is the same person and not each person fits the same path. What I did find is that everyone has a decision and that they need to find the right path for them. After concluding my research I have come to my answer regarding the question at hand. Although a college degree is very expensive, it is worth the sacrifice of time and money for young adults to earn their degree today if they do it for the right reasons. Background At its very root a college education is an opportunity for young adults to further their education through critical thinking about a career field of their choice. Originally college was a way to separate the work force. When students graduated from high school they could join the labor force or continue education at a university. While most of these students’ families

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