College : Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

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College: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Many students face internal battles during their college careers; sleepless nights, studying for exams, constant social issues, and the fear of not having a definitive career path. This all leads to the questions “why am I here”? “What is the true purpose of college?” Many writers have described these struggles in great detail. They feel the reward for overcoming these struggles is intellectual growth. This growth is achieved by challenging themselves, acquiring knowledge in multiple fields, and learning how to become an essential part of society.

An effective way for students to achieve intellectual growth is by challenging themselves in several different ways. David Hodge, President of Miami University in Oxford, claims that college is a place for “intellectual collisions” to occur (qtd in “What is”). He emphasizes the notion that college is best served as a time to challenge the mind in several forms. Each student is placed in a competitive learning environment that undoubtedly helps mold teenagers into adults. College isn’t easy, and nor should it be. Having professors who refuse to let students skate by allows them to obtain an understanding of what the professional world is like. Outside of college, young adults are unlikely to find an academic setting that is used primarily to enhance their intellectual prowess. The access to interacting with intelligent peers, guidance from experienced professors and
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