Colocation Data Center: Are Hyperscale Systems the Future? Essay

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“There is no longer a single right way to build out your data center,” says expert on network and Internet technologies David Strom. And he is right. Thanks to the countless choices available, a Colocation Data Center has more flexibility nowadays. However, they have also become more complex due to the constant growth of online applications and the accelerated virtualization of databases and cloud-based services.
Last year Clabby Analytics published an interesting White Paper about a significant change in the High Performance Computing (HPC) market caused by the arrival of Hyperscale servers. This change could have a huge impact on Colocation as a service, providing compute capacity like we have never seen before that will be designed to …show more content…

Keep in mind that water is a more efficient conductor than air.
• Time-efficient: The hyperscale server improves time-to-result. This means the speed at which solutions are derived is faster than traditional servers, something that is possible thanks to its processing efficiency and low communications overhead.
• Cost-efficient: Hyperscale data center networks reduce overall systems cost because on top of also working with industry standard components (racks and memory) it also needs far fewer components that traditional servers.
Main the main changes in hyperscale computing include: local network-connected storages substitute the traditional array of storage networks, virtual LANs takes over dedicated computing, commodity network elements replace network switching, commodity computing components substitute blade systems, and new applications and software replace the existing hardware devices meant for tracking and monitoring.
Of course, all obsolete power supplies are removed, and, in order to achieve a more efficient hardware configuration, all hot-swappable devices meant for high availability are also replaced. Another thing worth mentioning is that this new cloud apps change the emphasis from raw computing power to a more effective use of electric power; thus, making them a bit more challenging.
The days of data centers with separate racks, management tools for storage, servers and different networking infrastructure may soon be a thing of the

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