Color As Persuasive Technique

Better Essays Color as Persuasive Technique Bellatoni (1995) said that color influences one's choices, opinions, and emotional state. Colors in our environment can intensify feelings of euphoria or rage, calm or agitation. This information is very powerful for video maker. Each color affects us in their own unique way. Even the slightest variation of one color can have a huge influence on one’s behavior. Color can become a strong tool for filmmakers to make a situation look ironic, or absurd in a video. Audience rarely recognize that color is one of the elements used to manipulate them. This thoughtful quality may be magic in the hands of the director, or may not. To make it clearer, if we have to realize the powerful impact of a color or else we might abandon a large part of our control to chance. Color will not stop resonating, sending out signals, and irrespective of our goals (Bellantoni, 2005). The writer will show a few of colors and their meaning in Table 2.1. Red…show more content…
Yellow tone will be used on scenes where the actor is slowly facing conflicts. Red tone will be used in the climax scene, to let the viewers feel uneasy about the situation the actor is facing. Orange tone will be used on the resolution scenes, to let the viewers feel relieved when the main problem in the story has been
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